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Located at the Smithtown Historical Society, Smithtown, NY. and 2nd Battalions moved into positions to relieve elements of the 119th Infantry (30th Division) even before the regiment cleared the debarkation point in its entirety. Due to allied aerial superiority, no enemy air attacks were encountered. - Silver Star Medal; SWA - Seriously Wounded in Action; WIA - Wounded in Action. However if you are unsure which company your ancestor was in, try the company recruited in his county first. The database contains additional information when known, such as Compared to this was the woeful lack of supplies suffered by the Germans. Type a query to perform a search. Civil War diaries, 1857-1863. The 12th corps left Virginia in Sept., 1863, and went to Tennessee, joining Grant's army at Chattanooga. German prisoners also reported their morale as very low, due to continued artillery pounding and their own lack of supplies and replacements. The 137th force had encountered a fortified church on Highway 3, north of St. Gilles, and for most of the morning were pinned down by heavy machine gun, mortar and artillery fire. Subject: Action Against Enemy, Reports After/After Action Reports. Abbreviations contained in this database 51st Regiment Infantry. Located at University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va. Greene, George S. "Address of Maj. Gen. George S. Syracuse, N.Y. The 137th New York Infantry Regiment lost 6 officers and 121 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 4 officers and 163 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War. After minor patrolling in Alsace-Lorraine, they moved north to fight in the Battle of the Bulge on 26 December 1944. The Battalion Commander officially reported his position at 0733 Tuesday morning as being in the bend of the river south of Rampan. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. Regiment database in Excel file format. 58th Regiment Infantry. Col. Ireland succumbed to disease at Atlanta, and Col. Van Voorhes succeeded to the command. Staff Sergeant William G. Ligon, Lott, Texas, Med Det. Arrived Boston P/E 31 August 1945 and moved to Camp Breckinridge Kentucky 4 September 1945 where inactivated on 5 December 1945. With the attack scarcely begun, Colonel Layng was wounded in the face and leg by machine gun fire at 0715. It remained at Fort Carson until 12 December 1969 when it was released from active duty, and returned to the Kansas Army National Guard. [1] Service [ edit] It brought 456 men to the field. He began Light artillery fire on our positions was reported. There was one report of enemy aircraft over the area. 17-18 JULY 1944 On Monday, 17 July the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 137th Infantry jumped off at 0430, an earlier hour than had been customary previously. The first volume of Willson's diaries contains entries made from 3 July 1863 to 5 Sept. 1864, with substantial gaps. Hyde, J.S. On 1 October it was consolidated with the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the Kansas National Guard to become the 137th Infantry, part of the 35th Division. TRANSMITTED TO THE LEGISLATURE JANUARY, 1905, SERIAL No. The Civil War Archive section, 137th Regiment Infantry, (accessed 25 May 2012). Casualties for the day were 1 officer and 6 enlisted men wounded. If the soldier was wounded in action, then WIA is shown. Home. Palmer, David W. The forgotten hero of Gettysburg : a biography of General George Sears Greene. The regimental crest is a shield with a blue back-ground edged with gold. The 3rd Battalion moved 500 yards before being held up by machine gun fire. John W. Leedy, the governor of Kansas, issued a call for volunteers to fight in the SpanishAmerican War on 26 April 1898, as soon as war was declared. Located at the Military History Institute in Carlisle, PA. Ireland, David. The 137th continued to advance through the heavy fighting, alongside the 134th Infantry Regiment, and pushed the enemy back, south and east from Saint-L. 137th PA Regiment Organization, Service & Battles Organization Organized at Harrisburg August 25, 1862, and ordered to Washington, D.C. When the campaign of the Carolinas closed with the surrender of Johnston, the regiment marched with the corps to Washington, where it participated in the grand review and was mustered out near Bladensburgh, Md., June 9, 1865. include the following: BSM - Bronze Star Medal; CIB - Combat Infantry Badge; DOW Outstanding leadership shown by enlisted men has resulted in numerous recommendations for battlefield appointment as 2nd Lieutenant. One man was killed and one wounded on the 24th. In particular, he comments on the primitive conditions of army camps and the long arduous marches each day. 20-23 JULY 1944 On 20 July the 1st and 3rd Battalions strengthened their positions north of the river, with the 2nd Battalion in a reserve status. 137th Infantry Regiment Nickname: Ironclads Mustered in: September 25, 1862 Mustered out: June 9, 1865 The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. Many of the wounded had returned to duty, and these and new replacements totaled 826. Bombing caused 2 men to be killed and 3 men injured in the regiment. 169th infantry regiment 43rd infantry division 169th infantry regiment 43rd infantry division. Farwell, 1864. [8] Fighting along the Dutch border of Germany saw the regiment cross the Rhine in March 1945. Jorgensen, Jay. Casualties of the 137th Infantry for the two days fighting were 13 killed, 61 wounded and 6 missing on Monday 17 July 1944, and 11 killed, 57 wounded and 7 missing on the 18th. The regiment and brigade became a part of the 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized). 52nd Regiment Infantry. The 1st attack the 137th made was on the morning of 11 July 1944, and they made small gains at the cost of 12 killed, 96 wounded, and 18 missing. Loren Tuller, 60th New York Infantry. On 28 March, some of the Kansans swam another river, capturing eighty prisoners among the men occupying the earthworks on the opposite side. Published for the comrades of the renowned defenders by the Acme Pub. 137th Infantry Regiment Personnel Roster Index Click a letter below to go to Soldier names beginning with that letter: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z This database was compiled by Mr. Rick Callendar based on the book "35th Infantry Division Roster POE to POE". 102nd Engineer Battalion, (Combat) New York National Guard. Casualties for 12 July 1944 were 7 killed, 74 wounded and 7 missing. The order called for an attack at 0600 the following morning, 11 July 1944, on German positions from the La Vira river near St. Gilles, extending southwest through la Pte Ferme toward le Carillon. All rights reserved. Also, if you have any materials in your possession that you would like to donate, the museum is always looking for items specific to New York's military heritage. These men had distinguished themselves in the first few days action. 137th Infantry Regiment 11 February 2016; 141st Infantry Regiment; 141st Infantry 26 April 2011; 143d Infantry Regiment; 143d Infantry 12 December 2014; 148th Infantry Regiment; 148th Infantry Regiment 12 September 2013; 149th Infantry Regiment; 149th Infantry Regiment 23 July 2012; 153d Infantry Regiment; The casualties in the 137th at Gettysburg exceeded those of any other regiment in the corps, amounting to 40 killed, 87 wounded and 10 missing. Frederick Phisterer. service. World War II veterans of the 137th IR prefer to see their crest WITH the five battle stars which they earned with blood, sweat and tears. On 20 July, Company C put on a successful raid of its own against the enemy. After the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the 137th was sent to Fort Ord, California to guard against the possibility of Japanese attacks on the West Coast. After being held up in the early part of the day, the 2nd Battalion broke through for a gain of 500 years. Located at Duke University. The Sergeant then blasted out the remaining nests and his platoon was able to advance. 137th Infantry Regiment 138th Infantry Regiment 129th Machine Gun Battalion 70th Brigade Infantry 139th Infantry Regiment 140th Infantry Regiment 130th Machine Gun Battalion 60th Brigade Field Artillery 128th Field Artillery Regiment 129th Field Artillery Regiment 130th Field Artillery Regiment 110th Trench Mortar Battery Engineer Troops 110th Archer, John M. "The Bullets Came Thick and Close: The 137th New York Infantry on Culp's Hill." Tank support was of considerable help in our advance, and artillery support, though not as heavy as the first week, remained good. At 1920 on 10 July 1944, the Regiments first casualty as a result of enemy fire occurred. This Regiment is a composite organization made np largely out of two . Col. Greene's speech before the McClellan Club of Ward eleven, Boston, October 28, 1864. The 1st Battalion remained in Division reserve. Accordingly our casualties were very light, with 1 killed, 5 wounded and 2 missing on the 20th, none killed, 7 wounded and 1 missing on the 21st, none killed, 4 wounded and none missing on the 22nd, and 1 killed, 8 wounded and 1 missing on the 23rd. One man was wounded on the 29th, as the casualties remained almost non-existent for the third consecutive day. He also mentions the battles at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. T. Ryan who served in Company L of the 137th Infantry Regiment. -- Age, 24 years. After the first few days of the battle replacements were received regularly, both officers and enlisted men. The Germans, in their rapid withdrawal, left behind great quantities of weapons, ammunition and assorted materiel. Albany: J. After many battles, companies might be combined because so many men were killed or wounded. [2], On 6 September 1899, the 20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry boarded transports and steamed for the US, arriving on 10 October. The motto at the bottom of the shield, Valor for Service, is a magnetic challenge to every person of the 137th Regiment to do their duty to God and country, thus upholding the high standards of service established by those who have gone before. Headquarters Company Detachment: Junction City, Kansas. A Company drew men from Atchinson, B Company came from Emporia, C Company enlisted men from Council Grove, D Company hailed from Dodge City. Corps artillery was in support of the operation. 4 enlisted men were court-martialed, and 4 men deserted. The 1st Battalion of the 137th Infantry remained attached to the 134th Infantry, who advanced throughout the day with little opposition. For more information on the history of this unit, see: Men often enlisted in a company recruited in the counties where they lived though not always. In the spring of 2004, the 2nd Battalion, 137th Infantry received their Bradley Fighting Vehicles and began training to assume an active role in Afghanistan or Iraq. of the enrollment; 4 officers and 167 men died of disease, accidents, and all other causes, a total of 294. The second diary begins on 3 Nov. 1864 and ends on 2 May 1865, again with substantial gaps. 137th Infantry Regiment; 138th Infantry Regiment; 129th Machine Gun Battalion; 70th Brigade Infantry - Brigadier General Charles I. Martin On 1 September 2008, the inactive 1st Battalion, 137th Infantry was consolidated with the active 635th Armored Regiment, and the consolidated unit was redesignated as the 1st Battalion, 635th Armored Regiment. Fennell, Charles C.Battle for the barb :the attack and defense of Culp's Hill on July 2, 1863. The Legion of Honour, or in full, the National Order of the Legion of Honour (French: Ordre national de la Lgion d'honneur) is a French order established by Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul of the First Republic, on 19 May 1802. In 1954, the 137th Infantry Regiment was part of the 35th Infantry Division. The 20th Kansas had not seen combat against the Spaniards and were camped in tobacco warehouses in Manila until February 1899 when the Philippine Insurrection began. Showing unequalled courage and utter disregard for their own safety, countless lives were saved by these men, litter bearers, technicians and surgeons who, unarmed, carry out their work of rescue, attention, and evacuation of the wounded. The units operated the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the Army's main battle tank, the M1A2 SEP V2 Abrams.[12]. The 137th, less 1st Battalion was in Division reserve. [9] They assumed occupation duties in Germany until returning to the US,[10] and were inactivated on 5 December 1945 at Camp Breckinridge. [6] The entire regiment continued to attack almost every day against the strong German positions, suffering many casualties, but driving the enemy back slowly by surely. Greene, F. V. (Francis Vinton). One of the battalion's soldiers was killed in action. Thereafter the 1st Battalion advanced rapidly along the east bank of the Vire River, and shortly after midnight were reported to be on the Division objective. All elements were encountering heavy minefields and 88mm fire. Albany: J.B. Lyon Co., State printers, 1909. NorwichCWRTColl Casualties in the 137th for the first days operations were 12 killed, 96 wounded and 18 missing in action. The 30th Division remained on the right. They were published as a set of 8 volumes. Fox, William F. and Sickles, Daniel Edgar. [5] Troops were recruited from all over Kansas. 1992. 182 p. : ill., maps ; 21 cm. The 137th suffered 2 men killed and 3 wounded due to this friendly fire incident. An alert 3rd Battalion observer watched 45 Germans, with full equipment, enter a house northeast of St. Our forces consolidated and strengthened their lines during the day. -Col., Thomas D. Fouts; Maj., Page J. Pickerell. for Smithtown, 1890. On 1 September 1992, the 1st Battalion was inactivated, leaving the 2nd Battalion as the only active unit of the regiment.[1]. [2] The SpanishAmerican War officially ended on 10 December, with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. The collection contains George Hazard's official Civil War service papers and diary in photocopy and the original of a drawing of Jeffersonville Army Hospital and grounds in Jeffersonville, Ind. One officer, Lt. George P. Brown, was killed on this day. No men were killed on this day, but 5 men were wounded. Colonel Wilson, commander of the supporting 219th Field Artillery Battalion, and Captain Kerr, artillery liaison officer, were killed, and the first platoon of Company G suffered heavy casualties. No large gains were made by any battalion during the day. A Typical AEF Infantry Regiment The 147th Infantry, 37th "Buckeye" Division Contributed by Tom McLeod: Regimental Victory Parade in Cincinnati, 1919. . Dans la partie basse se trouve deux bolos croiss reprsentant le service durant l'insurrection des Philippines. The 2nd Battalion on their left, was held up by a machine gun strong point near la Capelle until 1435. One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Infantry.Cols., David Ireland, Koert S. Van Voorhes; Lieut.-Cols., Koert S. Van Voorhes, Milo B. Eldridge; Majs., Wetsell Willoughby, Milo B. Eldridge, Frederick A. Stoddard. Three prisoners were taken during the day. This regiment, recruited in the counties of Tompkins, Tioga and Broomethe 24th senatorial districtwas organized at Binghamton, and was there mustered into the U. S. service for three years on Sept. 25-26, 1862. Gettysburg, Pa. : Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg, 2001. It includes personnel lists for the following; 35th Division Commanding Officers; 134th, 137th, and 320th Infantry Regiments; 60th Engineer Combat Battalion; 127th, 216th, and 219th Field Artillery Battalions; 35th Infantry Division Headquarters Company; 35th Recconnaissance Troop; and the 35th Quartermaster Company. An additional 11 enlisted men died of wounds received in battle. The Armistice of 11 November 1918 finally stopped the fighting, after which the regiment returned to Kansas, where it demobilized at Camp Funston between 9 and 11 May 1919. 2023 New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center. [11] On 1 May 1959, it was reorganized as a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System, including the 1st and 2d Battle Groups, part of the 35th Division. Cousin, Abram. At 1500 10 July 1944, the Division order was issued, and at 1700 Colonel Grant Layng issued to the 137th Infantry Officers Field Order No. (Enlisted man's letters, Dec 25, 1863 & Dec 24, 1864). Gale, Andrew H.Civil War letters and diary of Andrew H. Gale of the 137th Regiment, New York State Volunteers. 12 JULY 1944 The regiment again attacked at 0800 on 12 July 1944, with 2nd and 3rd Battalions in the leading echelon. The 20th Kansas was slated to take part in the Fifth Philippine Expedition on 27 October 1898, and 2nd and 3rd Battalions arrived in Manila on 5 December, and the 1st Battalion arrived on 6 December. Incls: Journal and Supporting Papers July 1944 (1 copy), 319.1 1st Ind RGC/mla (31 Jul 44) HQ 35TH INF DIV, APO 35, U S Army, 14 Aug 44, TO: Commanding General, XIX Corps, APO 270, U S Army. Also recommended for the Distinguished Service Cross and for battlefield promotion to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant is Technical Sergeant Claude A. Hupp of Overbrook, Kansas, a Platoon Sergeant of Company M. On 13 July, after several unsuccessful attempts of his platoon to cross a field which the Germans had well covered with machine gun fire, and after his Platoon Leader was killed, Sergeant Hupp determined the location of the enemy emplacements, obtained a light machine gun, and firing from the hip, killed three Germans. Scuba Certification; Private Scuba Lessons; Scuba Refresher for Certified Divers; Try Scuba Diving; Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) Advanced Training. The unit arrived in Djibouti, Africa in May 2010 under United States Africa Command tasked with providing force protection to Camp Lemonnier and Combined Joint Task Force-Africa. Bloomer, Hiram. Lo. In compliance with letter, above subject, Headquarters First United States Army, the following Battle History Reports of the 137th Infantry for the month of July 1944, is submitted; copy of Daily Journal for combat period is enclosed as separate inclosure. 44-50. The 137th New York Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War. 4 pages. These included 34 killed, 71 wounded and 4 missing. They advanced on, and were the first to enter, Caloocan on 10 February. Casualties in the regiment showed a marked decrease as the action slowed down and as the men were becoming more battle-wise. Heavy fighting in Luxembourg and Belgium saw the 137th suffer heavy casualties, but they beat back the enemy wherever they met them. The main effort for the Division was made by the 134th Infantry, on the Division left, who were committed for the first time. 28 JULY 1944 On the 28th, the 35th Division became part of V Corps, and resumed the attack at 1000. The 137th lost 16 men killed, 100 wounded and 1 missing in action. 30-31 July 1944 On the 30th the regiment was organized into Task Force S, under the command of Brigadier General Sebree. A folder of laid-in material from the second diary consists of numerous receipts for the shipment of bodies home from the front, regimental record notes, and an original hand signed battle report by Col. Abel Goddard, 60th New York Infantry, for his regiment's part in the battle of Resaca, Ga., on 15 May 1864. Of these, 17 were killed, 106 wounded and 4 missing. DURING COMBAT. The Battalion also supported DOD and State Department missions building capacities among partner nations across east Africa. [Trenton, NJ : Xlibris Corp.], 2004, 343 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. Holding the Right : The 137th New York Regiment at Gettysburg." 39 ALBANY BKANDOW PRINTING COMPANY STATE LEGISLATIVE PRINTERS 1905 OF THE 7645130 . With the 3rd Battalion established 200 yards north of Highway 2, main road to St. On the left of the 137th Infantry was the 320th Infantry, and on the right the 30th Division, who were operating across the river. Reports from German prisoners indicated that their replacements were practically non-existent. [1] They subsequently set sail for Europe, entering the frontline on 18 June 1918. Other names and updates will be added if they become available (Contact Darrel Hagberg, see below). In a 17 October 2020 ceremony, the 2nd Battalion, 137th Infantry was redesignated as the 1st Battalion, 635th Armor Regiment, although its structure as a combined arms battalion remained the same.[13]. 1 AUGUST 1944 Task Force S attacked Late in the afternoon of 13 July, two platoons of Company L, of which Sergeant Hughbanks is a member, were pinned down by machine gun fire. The book, Combat History of the 137th IR, World War II, printed by "Special Troops" in 1946 shows the crest with five battle stars. [6], In the afternoon of 6 August 1944, the regiment was on the move again, to the Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcout area. Clearing the area boosted the number of prisoners captured to 54 for the 19th. In the second letter, he states that he does not want to leave Savannah, a beautiful city, but that he has been ordered into South Carolina; he also notes that the weather is more like a northern spring that winter (the letter was written in January). Search You are going to search our database of the soldiers of 35th infantry division. Both of these men have been recommended to receive the Distinguished Service Cross. One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Indiana Infantry. Available online at:www.davidcleutz.com/137th-regiment-nystate-volunteers.html Located at the Military History Institute in Carlisle, PA. Whittier, Edward, "The Left Attack (Ewell's), Gettysburg." During its wartime service, the regiment had 3 officers and 19 enlisted men killed in action. D Company was formed in 1922, entirely from American Indian personnel at Haskell Indian College in Topeka. Their mission was to close with and destroy the enemy by means of fire and maneuver or repel assaults by fire, close combat and counterattack. From 17 June to 6 August 1935, the regimental headquarters and 3rd Battalion were called up to provide riot control during a strike of coal miners at Columbus.[4]. The regiment moved from north of la Bedellerie, down highway 2 southeast of St. Advanced Scuba Diver; Lo, Sergeant Allen C. Allburty of 317 West 1st Street, Aberdeen, Washington, distinguished himself by heroic achievements under fire in his capacity as communications sergeant. Son of Elias H. McNiel & Julia A. Lo, then notified the artillery who demolished the building. front., plates, ports., maps (part fold.) The Germans launched Operation Lttich, a counterattack against Mortain, to contain the Allied breakout from Normandy, and they met heavy opposition from the American forces. Extract from Unit roster, 137th NY Infantry Regiment, taken from NY Military Museum web site: McNIEL, VAN NESS. UNITS ATTACHED TO THE 35th INF. Scofield writes to his father "Camp in the pines, three miles from Sister's Ferry, Savannah River, Georgia," in the third letter, explaining that he thinks his troops should have been permitted to remain and guard Savannah since they captured the city. They were meeting heavy artillery and mortar fire along their entire front. 137th Infantry Regiment 9412 134th Infantry Regiment 9476 Il y a 2464 soldiers without asn. However, the 134th Infantry, which had started the week as Corps reserve, had relieved elements of the 29th Division and of the 320th Infantry in the only major shift of units. as it becomes available. Since arriving in France, the 137th Infantry had suffered 1,183 casualties, consisting of 177 killed, 946 wounded, and 40 missing in action. No prisoners were taken on the 27th, 28th, or 29th. FIRST OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY : THREE MONTHS' SERVICE. "35thInfantryDivision-memory.com" 2010-2023 The contents of this site and the images belong to their respective owners. The 137th shared in all the marches and battles of the Atlanta campaign, and then marched with Sherman to the sea." On the 20th, 8 prisoners were taken. Includes detailed letters / reports on the engagement of troops of the 137th New York Infantry Regiment at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. Enemy fire continued from the church north of St. Gilles, and at 1045 elements of the 1st Battalion stormed that stronghold and took it and the surrounding buildings. To: The Adjutant General, Washington 25, D. C. All of the letters, written from Savannah, 1865, concern Scofield's role in the march from Atlanta to Savannah. 25 September found the 137th Infantry in position facing Vauquois Hill, an impregnable natural fortress the Germans had held over four years. Forwarded in compliance with provisions of paragraph 1, letter Headquarters FUSA, 13 July 1944, 319.1/401 (C), subject: Action Against Enemy, Reports After/After Action Reports. On 25 August 1984 the two battalions were reassigned to the 35th Division when it was reformed from the 69th Brigade headquarters. Black, 320 N. Iuka, Pratt, Kansas, Med Det. That night, at 2000, Colonel Harold R. Emery reported and assumed command. The 1st Battalion was slowed up during the early part of the day. In memoriam :George Sears Greene, brevet major-general, United States volunteers, 1801-1899. The regiment left the State September 27, 1862; it served in the 3d Brigade, 2d Division, 12th Corps, from September 30, 1862; in the 3d Brigade, 2d Division, 2Oth Corps, from April, 1864; and it was honorably discharged and mustered out, under Col. Koert S. Van Voorhees, June 9, 1865, near Bladensburg, Md. Transcriptions only. Brigadier General Edmund Sebree, assistant division commander, assumed command of the 137th Infantry at 0830. Albany: J.B. Lyon Co., printers, 1902. A Paper Prepared and Read before theMassachusetts Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, (MOLLUS) February 10, 1891. The casualties were particularly costly in that Capt Orren L. Biesterfeld, 1st Lt. Ralph H. Johnson and 1st Lt. John T. Graham Jr. were killed. The 1st Battalion cleaned out remaining hostile resistance in the vicinity of St. Gilles by 1400. The regiment then went to Camp Rucker, Alabama on 31 March 1943, and then to Camp Forrest, Tennessee on 17 November 1943, where they conducted combat training for fighting in Europe. On 9 July, the 137th relieved the 119th Infantry Regiment of the 30th Infantry Division. [2] On 31 March, the regiment entered Malolos, the capital of the First Philippine Republic. Left State for Washington, D. C., September 25, 1862. No casualties of any kind were reported on this day for the first time since the regiment entered combat. The regiment maintained contact with the retreating enemy, and prepared to resume the attack at 0530 the following morning, August 1.

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