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Elena The 10 Best Black Characters In Video Games", "12 fighters we'd like to see in Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology PS2 Features", "Ten Characters We Want in Street Fighter IV", Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Zuyosa to,, Woman soldier and warrior characters in video games, Video game characters with accelerated healing, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 7 February 2023, at 01:42. When M. Bison is eventually defeated, she comments that a regular human being like him couldn't possibly control such power and takes the whole Psycho Drive with her as she leaves. Remy takes his aggression out on other martial artists by challenging them to battle. [18] Alex was also named as 10th-best character in the series by Complex. She first appears as a non-player character in Street Fighter Alpha 3, making a cameo in Juli and Juni's introduction. He can also create a momentary shield to protect him from single-hit projectile attacks. Donning a full-body skeleton suit, Skullomania sets out to fight evil for real. A lot of fans most likely expected Blanka to be here. [16] Eagle was included in the top 50 Street Fighter characters. At the time we couldn't quickly look of videos on the internet, like we can do now. He may also be inspired byBritish former professional boxer Chris Eubank. Birthday: March 1st You you saved meThank you.." / "Ingrid: It seems someone was controlling you like an evil puppet." The fighting style she uses is Systema, a hybrid Russian martial arts that can be seen in her use of counters, throws and strikes.[102]. She is the second heaviest known playable female character, the heaviest being Marisa. Making his debut in 1997's Street Fighter 3 New generation as the second Black British character and third boxer in the series, this upper class heavyweight boxer maybe a gentle soul but his boxing technique and speed are utterly disrespectful.Although Dudley has gained the reputation for being a well mannered and polite gentleman, his personality was quite different in the first two Street Fighter 3 games, in which he was a far more snobbish and proud pugilist. He also makes a brief cameo in Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation. Capcom will be making a conscious effort to dial back the sexualization of female characters (and perhaps male as well) in Street Fighter 6. He is apparently permanently destroyed by Akuma in the latter's character story. Necalli (, Nekari) is a character introduced in Street Fighter V. Necalli is an ancient Aztec spiritual entity who descends from time to time to challenge the strongest living fighters and devour their souls after defeating them. Juli's backstory is further developed in the console versions of Alpha 3 with the addition of T. Hawk to the cast. Elena is featured as a playable character via DLC in Street Fighter X Tekken. Birthplace: China. Elena is an expert in capoeira, and she is the nature-loving and light-hearted daughter of an East African tribal leader who has attended schools abroad and travels the world to make friends. He is later redesigned from the Street Fighter Alpha series onwards as a hulking Black British punk rocker with a blonde, blade-shaped mohawk. Rose also cannot look into Ingrid's future, as she did with other Street Fighters. [91] AJ Glasser from Kotaku listed her as one of the worst mothers in video games, placing as the worst one from fighting games. [35] Remy was voted 8th in Capcom's popularity poll of 85 characters for the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter.[10]. Lily [45] As Gunloc, he features in the 1993 wrestling game Saturday Night Slam Masters and its 1994 sequel Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II, as a hot-headed street fighter turned professional wrestler. During the development of Street Fighter EX, the developers nicknamed him "Mr. Foul-play" (, Hansoku-kun). These women would make the perfect girlfriend. [80] She was tailored towards Western tastes, as an experiment to see how audiences would receive the character. [41] Ingrid also placed tenth by as one of 10 Characters they wanted to see in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Elena has been mostly very well received by video game critics and writers. She wears a S.I.N form-fitting suit which enables her to perform electrical, seismic, and pyrotechnic moves. His fighting style is based on Yal gre and involves him coating himself in oil to make his body slippery. 7. [28], Elena was also noted as one of the relatively few black female or African characters in video games. What's also unique about Santamu is her use of a spear, which is a first time in the Street Fighter verse. She recently became Guy's kunoichi apprentice and loves 1980's pop culture. [51], Alex makes an appearance in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars as a playable character, alongside other Street Fighter characters, Ryu and Chun-Li. Her exact nationality is never given. Not only is Matthew ridiculously large in stature compared to his other comrades, but he's also a cybernetically-enhanced cyborg. Gen's fighting style incorporates various kung fu styles that he has utilized in his assassinations. Dark once served in the American armed forces. In Ultra Street Fighter IV, it is revealed that she is an earlier, imperfect product of Shadaloo's cloning experiments that would eventually result in Cammy's creation. [88] A reviewer for the New Straits Times described her as the best of the new characters, praising both her appearance and attack arsenal. He is the son of a Japanese karate master and the grandson of a Korean taekwondo master on his mother's side. In 3rd Strike,[73] Sean is allowed to participate in a martial arts tournament, but Ken tells him that his current skills will not even get him through the preliminaries and that he needs to develop his own style. He is a popular wrestling champion from India who seeks to challenge other wrestlers such as Zangief and Victor Ortega (from the Saturday Night Slam Masters series). In EX2, she wears a hakama and ties her hair in a pony-tail. [121] Allen returns in Fighting EX Layer, determined to defeat the recently revived Garuda to prove himself. [104] Rashid's model was created by NXA Studios, based in China. His stats are exactly the same as listed in the original Slam Masters video game, again confirming his true identity.[141]. Elena appears in a larger role in the Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki comic book series by UDON Entertainment. His stage background, shared with Necro, is Saint Basil's Cathedral. Despite his love of cooking, he seems to be an incompetent chef. Lucia Morgan (, Rushia Mgan) is a character who makes her playable debut in Street Fighter V Season 4 DLC. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ryme, the Gym Leader who raps, Top 10 Best Black Female video game characters. In his ending, he becomes Ken's disciple, only to be told that he needs to defeat Ryu to become worthy. [123] Her butler is called Sebastian. Necro's story is the same in 2nd Impact, in which he gains the nickname "super electromagnetic alien". 13 Kimberly: Street Fighter's Best Female Newcomer Street Fighter 6 is still far off on the horizon. ", "Ryu and Cammy sit atop the Ultra Street Fighter 4 popularity rankings in Japan, you'll never guess who came in dead last", "Street Fighter III 2nd Impact character introductions (waybacked)", Official Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike Alex character biography (in Japanese), "Street Fighter III 3rd Strike character introductions", Capcom Fighting Evolution (Xbox) Xbox Game Reviews. They all share Blade's ending. Cracker Jack (, Kurakk Jakku), also known as C. Jack or just Jack, is a bat-wielding former bouncer from Las Vegas, known for his unstoppable punches. Gen () is an elderly Chinese martial arts master and former assassin with ties to Chun-Li's backstory, first introduced as a non-playable opponent in the original Street Fighter. Pullum is a character who debuted in the infamous Street Fighter EX series and is a young wealthy Afro Arab heiress (yes they exist) who sets out on an adventure with her bodyguard in an effort to locate her missing father who is presumed to be working for the Shadaloo. Eleven does not have his own fighting style, but instead functions as a mimic character, transforming into a random fighter with a randomly-selected V-Skill and V-Trigger at the start of each match.[100]. Her loving father, the patriarch of the tribe, has a doctorate from a French university. SantamuSantamu is an Ethiopian character, who in earlier iterations is said to be from Vietnam, although she ethnically looksBlackin various Capcom artwork. BirdieThis dim-witted, violent and short tempered brute is the type of cockney you wouldn't wanna meet in a dark alley. Elena was raised in the vast nature of Africa and she aspires to study abroad like her father did before her. [8] Similarly, GamesRadar chose Elena as one of the 12 most-wanted Street Fighter characters for Super Street Fighter IV due to "wearing almost nothing and acrobatically showing off her crotch at every opportunity" and the smoothness of her animation in Street Fighter III, adding that she was "much more than just a bikini-clad tease with impossibly fluid and graceful movements" and called her a "lot of fun to play" and "the exact polar opposite of Balrog". He makes a cameo appearance Street Fighter V Arcade Edition.[34]. Capcom has made exactly one black character who isn't really a joke in the context of th SF universe and that's Dudley. Necalli is the only character in Street Fighter V who does not have a skeleton when electrocuted. [94] C. Viper is ranked 22nd in a worldwide Street Fighter character poll held between 2017 and 2018.[8]. After Guy defeats him, he passes on his title as Master and disappears. [40] In another official poll conducted by Bandai Namco, Ingrid was the third most requested Street Fighter character to be added to the roster of Tekken X Street Fighter, having received 15.38% of the votes. Michael Dobson voiced Sawada in two episodes of the Street Fighter television series, as head of the A.N. Black Black Widow Blade Blades Blair Dame Blana Blanka Bloody Hokuto Bokori Man Boman Delgado Bosch Category:Boss Characters Bows Category:Boxers Bratken Bred Bull Bullfighter C C. Viper Caine Callman Cammy Category:Canon Immigrants Cantana Captain Commando (character) Carlos Miyamoto Carol and Brenda Celeste Chairperson Chang She is able to hear and comprehend various rhythms as well as the voices of the wind and trees.[5]. For artist and designers, these female fatales provides a chance for artistic people to come up with intriguing and creative artworks on Street Fighter characters. Kimberly Jackson (, Kinbar Jakuson) is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter games, first partially seen in Street Fighter 6 's second trailer before being properly confirmed near the end of the 2022 EVO tournament. He has a friendly rivalry with T. Hawk, who bested him before the events of Super Street Fighter IV and told him to challenge him again when he got stronger. Ace (, su), who is introduced in Street Fighter EX3, is a government agent who is ordered by the prime minister of his nation to find information about a secret weapon being developed in an underground base. Though overall if there's ever a character that's in need of a redesign, it's this guy.6. He was mentioned by Gouken in the second episode Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Elena is noted for her unique gameplay style in the series, as she only uses kicks. Beta is an untextured blue polygonal model resembling a male human, and Gamma is a green wireframed model. [45] With the release of Street Fighter V, he was given an official entry in the game's encyclopedia and thus was canonized. [74] Twelve is considered a low tier character due to his low damage output and health. Her dad is a professional saxophonist, so naturally Libra grew up in a house full of music, and she's huge fan of old school hip hop.

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